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SKF 6308-2Z Bearing Installation and Precautions1

1, SKF 6308-2Z bearing installation must be carried out in a dry, clean environment conditions. 

Should carefully check the mating surfaces of the shaft and housing, end shoulder, 

processing quality grooves and connecting surfaces before installation. All mating connector 

surface must be carefully cleaned and removing burrs, especially SKF bearings. 

Then it can use for a long time. Casting a net addition to the raw surface must be sand.


2, SKF 6308-2Z bearing installation should be preceded by cleaning with gasoline or kerosene to 

clean and dry before use, and to ensure good lubrication, bearings are generally 

lubricated with grease, like SKF LGHP 2 or oil lubrication can be. When using grease

 lubrication, should be used without impurities, oxidation, rust, extreme pressure 

grease superior performance. Grease filling amount of 30% -60%, bearings and 

bearing capacity of the container, not too much. Double row with sealing structure

tapered roller bearings and water pump bearing grease has been populated, 

the user can be used directly, can no longer be cleaned.


3, SKF 6308-2Z BEARING installation, you must exert equal pressure on the circumference of the end 

face of the ferrule, the ferrule is pressed into, can not be a direct hit with Lang bearing 

first-class tool end face, so as not to damage the bearings. If large quantities of installation, 

can be used hydraulic machine. Press-fitting, should ensure that the outer end face and the

end face of the housing shoulder, the inner end surface of the shaft shoulder face pressed, 

does not allow the gap.