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In the work of rolling friction bearings
   In the work of rolling friction bearings. Rolling is a high degree of 
standardization of parts interchangeability, consume less lubricant, 
most can be greased, easy maintenance, reliable, close to the static friction
torque dynamic friction torque, good starting performance, carrying capacity 
at moderate speeds higher . But when life low speed, sound bigger. 
Rolling bearing direction can be divided by radial bearings and thrust bearings. 
Radial bearings main radial force, can not withstand the axial force; 
thrust bearings can support axial forces. Radial thrust bearings can withstand 
the radial and axial forces.
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NSK Bearing company, FAG bearing company. Customers can rest assured!
   Rolling Press the scroll body shape can be divided:Ball bearings, roller bearings 
and needle roller bearings. High speed, smaller loads, requiring high precision rotation 
should be selected when the ball bearing; load should be selected large roller bearings; 
radial load large size but also by the time limit should use needle bearing.
Radial bearing inner and outer rings divided, often with the inner sleeve and the shaft 
is rotated together with the shaft, the outer ring mounted in the housing bore. 
Rolling body rolling along the raceway rings, separated by a cage, to avoid friction. 
Thrust bearing live ring and a tight circle divided into two parts. 
Tight circle with the sleeve tight, live ring bearing in the bearing housing. 
Rings and rolling elements made of high strength, good wear resistance of rolling bearing steel, 
surface hardness after quenching should reach HRC60 ~ 65. Cage mostly steel stamping 
made of soft, some made of copper alloy, bakelite cloth or plastic.