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 Leading-edge technology allows for submicron precision. We produce high-quality shapes, reflecting our technology onto every product.
We inspects each bearing through the advanced instrument and mild technology by the established quality-controlling department.
Below the following is WT production process and corresponding quality inspection: 
Material incoming: 100% inspection
Inner & outer rings turning: 100% inspection
Heat treatment: random inspection
Face grinding: 100% inspection
Centerless grinding: 100% inspection
Bore grinding: 100% inspection
Inner & outer groove grinding: random inspection
Inner & outer grooves superfinish grinding: 100% inspected
Assembly: 100% inspection
Grese filling: 100% inspection
Noise & vibration testing: 100% inspection
Packing & storing: the final 10% inspection before the formal shipment
Quality control
Quality control
Strict Quality Process Controls
Quality is built into many production processes with innovative “mistake-proofing” devices. Kilian systems are well documented and robust. The assembly process pictured below measures bearing components so the optimum ball size is selected. This optimized selection allows accurate control of the amount of play in the assembled bearings. Examples:
Optical comparators confirm component geometry
Electronic and other gauges conform to ANSI standards
Metallurgical, hardness and plating inspection
Bearing life cycle and durability testing
O.C. testing of all components before assembly
Quality control
Quality control